Thursday, August 17, 2006

First Blog

It seems google is beginnig to confront MS Live Space with blogger. However, is it a bit later? Anyway, I must celebrate this action for I will never be worried about where to find an anonymous or free ftp site to upload my photos and blog contents as before :D In addition, I deem Blogger is indeedly more convenient and powerful than Live Space. Especially, I can custom a blog's layout more effectively, which is composed by many components that can be inserted or removed as you wish. The post time and date can also be modified to any time you want it to be. The post editor can recover your orignal conent to cancel a careless or unwilled modification. You also can use email to post your content while it seems only one email is permitted :(. However, these will suffice. It is only concerned that Blogger will still be same blocked by GFW as gmail before.